Hi! My name is Ercan and I am pursuing my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at UC, Irvine under the supervision of Gene Tsudik. My research interests include Adversarial Machine Learning, Applied Cryptography, Computer & Network Security and Privacy.

  • Our group at UCI: SPROUT.
  • The project (A Byzantine fault tolerant key-value storage) that I worked on during my internship at 256-256-2e98fdedcf402e199ae595ad4bb0a06b-yahooBFTKV.

Some gifs on how this storage works:

  • Check my blog posts here.
  • The group that I worked in when I was in Ireland during a summer internship, PEL at NUIG.
  • The university that I received my undergrad degree from, TOBB ETU.
  • Two of my favorite TV shows, Chuck and Silicon Valley.

If you read a good paper and you would like to share (it doesn’t have to be related to the areas above) or you just want to say hi, shoot me an email! My email address is email.

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